The critically-acclaimed adaptation of Lessing's classic on religious tolerance

"A new model of understanding among diverse groups."   

"Professor D'Andrea's radical adaptation for the 21st century of Lessing's Nathan the Wise, centered on the idea of informed mutual respect,

is taught in international conflict resolution courses both in the United States and abroad."


"Nathan the Wise brings warmth and humor to a

tale of Muslim, Jew, and Christian in Crusade-ravaged 12th-century Jerusalem."

“The play attains a measure of holiness in its quest for a bond among Jerusalem’s three

great religions... 'I want to challenge people to transcend thinking in terms of the other in order to rethink in terms of commonality,' says D'Andrea, the Northern Virginia-based play-wright, professor and founder of the Theater of the First Amendment at George Mason University."

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Act 1, Scene 3

NATHAN (pointing to Jerusalem, out in the distance.)  Look, out there!  The turrets of Jerusalem.  The Dome of the Rock.  The Tower of David.  The Mount of Olives.  The madness and the hope of all mankind meet, there—see!—there, in the dreaming city of Jerusalem.  And, look!  The setting sun has like a hunter cast a lariat around the turrets of Saladin, and edged them in gold.

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The Vatican hosted an inter-religious conclave on

tolerance, where D'Andrea's Nathan was the artistic centerpiece




Here's the playbill from the Vatican event (click to read it... in Italian).


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Universities incorporate performances of Nathan into their religious tolerance initiatives

University of North Texas